Improvers League

Shades of Grey Improvers League

RULES 2018

Shades of Grey Improvers League

Henri Senn and Bob have offered to run the Improvers League again this year, as a thank you to Interdressage for everything they have learnt over the years competing, but a smaller version due to time constraints, as well as the huge challenge in doing the maths!!!

So there will be just 1 big league, with rosettes for 1st to 10th place.  This means adults and juniors will compete together.

The classes that will be included this year are:

  • Class 1A the restricted Walk and Trot class (please note if you move up to the intermediate or open section you will still gain points) and
  • Class 2B the Walk Trot Canter entry level class (again, if you move up to the starter you will still gain points- So to clarify – you would still be part of the league and gain points as you would if you were in the restricted section, so as long as you start in the restricted section then whatever class you end up in makes no difference).

Henri wanted to take the league back to encouraging those who are maybe just starting their dressage journey to improve, as she and Bob have done over many years, which is why only the classes for novices are going to be included.

Scoring will remain the same –

–        Automatic 2 points with every entry

–        Bonus 10 points for every seasons personal best score

–        5 points for every complete 1% improvement in a month over your base starting (April) score.

The league will run from April 2018  until September 2018 inclusively and rosettes will be awarded for first to 10th place.

Remember –  this is one league that you don’t have to BE the BEST to win – just DO your BEST to improve!   Enjoy and have fun!