Winter League

Tadcaster Equine Physiotherapy Winter League 2018/19


1. Tadcaster Equine Physiotherapy Winter League is run via video by
2. Open to members of riding clubs, pony clubs, saddle clubs, riding schools and livery yards worldwide
3.BHS riding clubs and riding club centres and riding schools will automatically be entered into both the BHS Riding club league AND the Tadcaster Equine Physiotherapy Winter League – please state clearly on your entry form the
name of your Riding Club or Riding Club Centre.
4. Commencing October 2018 ending April 2019.
5. Riding Clubs, Pony Clubs, Saddle Clubs, riding school
and Livery Yards can enter as many competitors as they wish but it must be made clear either by email, phone or on a print off entry form, the name of the club or yard they are competing for.
6. Points will be awarded as follows; 2 points per monthly entry per club or yard (not per competitor) 10 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 10th place.
7. Winter League competitors will compete alongside the regular monthly competitors and will be identified on the leader board by the initials ‘WL’ after their names.
8. Competitors can choose any class- ‘dressage’ or ‘showing- and can enter as many classes as they like to be eligible for the points.
9. More than one rider can compete on the same horse per class in all classes unless otherwise stated in the schedule.
10. The winning yard or club will receive £250 plus commemorative medals courtesy of Tadcaster Equine Physiotherapy. Runners up (2nd and 3rd placed teams) will receive medals.
11. The judge’s decision is final in any class.
12. We try to be as accurate as possible with allocation of points but it is up to individual clubs to notify Interdressage ASAP if there are any queries relating to the
monthly allocation of points. All points can be accessed via this page and will be updated monthly.
13. Teams and clubs MUST consist of 2 or more riders and at least 2 riders must compete each month in the league.


2018/2019 Winter League

October 2018

Croft End (UK) 137
Orchard Farm(UK) 107
Malvern Hills(UK) 87
Cherwell Valley(UK) 50
Summerwood (USA) 49
ST riding(Japan) 42
Irish Rovers (Ireland) 39
Hidden Creek(USA) 30
Borkop(Denmark) 29
Kimblewick(UK) 25
Arklemoor(UK) 21
Townfoot (UK) 19
Nobottle Grange(UK) 11
Hill Farm(UK) 11
Swang(UK) 8


April 2018-Final Results.

The winning team will receive £250 to spend on an item that will benefit them collectively.

Medals will be awarded to 3rd place and rosettes will be awarded to 4th, 5th and 6th places.

1st Cherwell Valley (UK) 799
2nd Malvern Hills (UK) 741
3rd Croft End (UK) 510
4th Summerwood (USA) 506
5th Hidden Creek (USA) 376
6th CROWN (UK) 353

Konijanka (Finland) 332
NHP (Japan) 169
Kimblewick (UK) 168
Irish Rovers (Ireland) 164
Corner House (USA) 134
Townfoot (UK) 115
Swang (UK) 69
Orchard Farm(UK) 65
Fat Pony (South Africa) 51
Plumtree (UK) 26
Cotteswold Mounted Archers 19
L’Ecurie(Jersey) 16

March 2018

Cherwell Valley (UK) 624
Malvern Hills (UK) 611
Summerwood (USA) 467
Croft End (UK) 402
Konijanka (Finland) 332
CROWN (UK) 320
Hidden Creek (USA) 287
Kimblewick (UK) 150
NHP (Japan) 127
Irish Rovers (Ireland) 114
Corner House (USA) 107
Townfoot (UK) 100
Swang (UK) 69
Orchard Farm(UK) 51
Plumtree (UK) 26
Cotteswold Mounted Archers 19
L’Ecurie(Jersey) 16

February 2018

Malvern Hills (UK) 573
Cherwell Valley (UK) 528
Summerwood (USA) 428
Croft End (UK) 353
CROWN (UK) 271
Konijanka (Finland) 257
Hidden Creek (USA) 183
NHP (Japan) 127
Kimblewick (UK) 115
Irish Rovers (Ireland) 114
Corner House (USA) 86
Townfoot (UK) 83
Swang (UK) 55
Orchard Farm(UK) 51
Plumtree (UK) 26
Cotteswold Mounted Archers 19
L’Ecurie(Jersey) 16

January 2018

Cherwell Valley (UK) 485
Malvern Hills (UK) 422
Summerwood (USA) 379
Croft End (UK) 279
CROWN (UK) 216
Konijanka (Finland) 204
Hidden Creek (USA) 183
Kimblewick (UK) 85
Townfoot (UK) 83
NHP (Japan) 78
Irish Rovers (Ireland) 77
Corner House (USA) 61
Orchard Farm(UK) 34
Swang (UK) 33
Plumtree (UK) 26
Cotteswold Mounted Archers 19

December 2017

Cherwell Valley (UK) 357
Malvern Hills (UK) 354
Summerwood (USA) 335
Croft End (UK) 205
Konijanka (Finland) 156
Hidden Creek (USA) 152
CROWN (UK) 144
Townfoot (UK) 83
Kimblewick (UK) 74
NHP (Japan) 60
Corner House (USA) 36
Irish Rovers (Ireland) 34
Swang (UK) 33
Plumtree (UK) 26
Orchard Farm(UK) 21
Cotteswold Mounted Archers 19

November 2017

Malvern Hills (UK) 282
Cherwell Valley (UK) 267
Summerwood (USA) 217
CROWN (UK) 105
Croft End (UK) 98
Hidden Creek (USA) 95
Townfoot (UK) 68
Konijanka (Finland) 65
NHP (Japan) 47
Kimblewick (UK) 47
Corner House (USA) 36
Irish Rovers (Ireland) 34
Plumtree (UK) 26
Swang (UK) 21
Orchard Farm(UK) 21

October 2017

Malvern Hills (UK) 155
Cherwell Valley (UK) 128
Summerwood (USA) 123
Townfoot (UK) 41
Corner House (USA) 36
Croft End (UK) 34
Irish Rovers (Ireland) 34
Hidden Creek (USA) 30
NHP (Japan) 29
Kimblewick (UK) 28
Plumtree (UK) 26
Swang (UK) 21